Use Grafana Annotations for Icinga2 Acknowledgement (Perfdata)

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  • Hello together,

    I am using Icinga2 a few month now. I hope this post is correct in the icinga2 forum and not in the influxdb/grafana forum.
    Maybe there are other users who have the same request ;-)

    I've configured icinga2 that it is sending performance data with influxdb-writer to my influxdb.
    With Grafana I am visualizing this datapoints.

    Everything looks good so far:

    Now I know that it is possible that Icinga2 ACKs can be displayed in Grafana as annotation, also.
    It could be like this:

    But I'm not able to get this annotations to work. I think the general problem ist that the ACK is not send from Icinga2 to InfluxDB?

    I've activated the feature influxdb and set the variables "enable_send_thresholds = true" and "enable_send_metadata = true", also.

    In the "metadata", there should be the ACK as well delivered, or?

    So where is the problem?

    Do I have to edit something in the influxdb.conf within the influxdb-writer object?

    Or do I have to edit the icinga2 notification when an ACK is send out? Should I have to CURL the ACK-performance data to influxdb within the ACK-Notification?

    Or what else?

    Thank you for any info :)

  • If the service is acknowledged when a new check result is processed, this metadata will be written to the backend, if enabled. The acknowledgement event itself is not handled on its own.

  • hm ok I've read your answer but I've didn't understand it the right way I think.

    Do you mean I need to create a new command from type "Event Plugin Command"?

    At the moment I have for example 1 service where "send notification", "activate eventhandler" and "process performance data" is enabled.

    Do I need to configure something else? ?(

  • Nothing related to notifications here. InfluxDBWriter just processes the check result and adds additional meta data. If the acknowledgement attribute is not there, I would investigate on the metrics being pushed from Icinga 2 to InfluxDB (i.e. by enabling the debug log and grepping for 'InfluxdbWriter').