Certain plugins not included in OMD 2.4

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  • I'm just getting started with OMD, and I've noticed that certain monitoring plugins that are part of the monitoring-plugins.org distribution are not included with OMD 2.4.

    One is check_mrtgtraf, which is referenced in the Naemon documentation relating to monitoring switches, but is not to be found in OMD.

    So is there a reason for this? Should I just go ahead and load the plugins from monitoring-plugins? If I do, is there best practice defined somewhere for loading plugins to be used with OMD across sites?

    Thanks for your attention, and hopefully I will be able to contribute back! :thumbsup:

  • Probably in /omd/versions/<OMD-version>/lib/nagios/plugins.

    You are correct!!!

    LOL, okay, I see them all there under the site at ~/lib/naemon (or nagios)/plugins...

    Argh, okay, I think I see what I was missing now... I was creating services and when the commands weren't showing up in the "check_command" box I was assuming that they weren't available.

    I see now that I'm going to have to FIRST create commands for the functions that I want to use, and THEN they will be available for services I want to create.

    My apologies for not picking up on that... I guess I was assuming more things were just ready "out of the box".

    So, related to this, are there more examples, or perhaps ready-made configuration, that I could have used?