how to disable cluster check Notification based on host zone?

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  • I have defined a zone for testing purposes and would like to disable (mail) Notifications for cluster check of that zone.

    I have tried the following assignment limitation for all host and service Notifications:

    1. assign where != "testing"

    Unfortunately that does not seem to work - the mail notifications keep coming. Is this supposed to work, or is there another way?

  • ( != "testing") does work, just checked that for you.

    Did you reload icinga2 ?

    Please run

    1. icinga2 object list --type notification > t
    2. grep '* zone' t
    3. less t

    to find out what notifications exist and where exactly these are defined. Chances are you overlooked another notification in place.

  • Thank you sru for confirming that & suggesting checking the object list. Indeed it works; I then realized I just needed to use the cluster-zone check instead of the 'plain' cluster check (for plain cluster check, the host is the master, ie. zone never matched 'testing').