Monitoring pfSense Firewall

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  • Hey Guys,

    I have some sort of knowledge with monitoring using pfSense.

    I want to monitor my firewall pfSense.

    I have downloaded check_mk agent in my firewall and got some services in my console from pfSense Firewall.

    It is was almost 7 Services from the host.

    One of my senior guys made this possible with 30 Services from the firewall.

    I hope, he might be handled with any SNMP services.

    I have tried SNMP too, but I get only 4 services in addition with comman SNMP which polls at 161 port number.

    I have tried SNMP walk which has offline information stored in OID format.

    I failed in the method.I came to know we can monitor the gateways, overflow of traffics in firewall and lot.

    I wanted to know what is SNMP trap, how it is used?

    What is SNMP legacy mode?

    One of the guys suggested me to download SNMP MIB file of pfsense and try inserting into the SNMP based monitoring system.

    Is this method is possible?

    Please assist me, guys.


    Sathiya Moorthy K

    Environment: Distributed monitoring check_mk.

    50+ host and 100+ services are monitored.

  • Basics:…twork_Management_Protocol

    What SNMP is and how it works is well known documented in various (e)books, blogs, wikis, manpages, and so on.

    Which agent did you installed, where did you downloaded it, how did you installed and configured it?

    Are your pfsense and the firewalls of the senior guys same hardware, same pfsense version, same plugins installed and configured, etc?

    Come on... maybe you should start some weeks in 1st level support to learn that others can only help you if they can unterstand and reproduce your errors. So give detailed information or otherwise no one can or will help you.