Nagvis alarm sound not played (migration from Nagvis 1.9b9 to 1.9b19)

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  • Hi

    I recently updated my version of Nagvis. I had 1.9b9, and decided to get the last available version, the 1.9b19.

    All the installation went well, but for some reason, when testing the behaviour of the b19, i came into a bug with alarm sounds. No more sound is played when one of my services is going in a warning/critical/down status.

    What I did :

    - change the nagvis.ini.php file : remove the ';' before 'eventsound=1' to make sure the alarms are considered; (l.260)
    remove the ";" before the unreachable/warning/down/critical_sound + add "=std_[...].mp3 for each variable (i checked the names in the /nagvis/share/userfiles/sounds/) (l.590)

    - Refreshed my web browser (firefox) (it did by itself actually)

    - Force a service in a critical state and wait for the alarm to ring.

    On the b9, it was working fine and the alarm was ringing. But since the b19, nothing happens. What do you think would be the problem ?

    I am working with Shinken v 2+, no Nagios.

    Thanks in advance !

    PS : If you need any more information, i'll be glad to give you precisions.

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