Integrate Graphite in Icinga Web 2

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  • hello,

    Not long ago starts with icinga2 and seems to me a very complete monitoring software however it is difficult to find in its official page tutorials as they are the integration with the other platforms in this case of graphite, when I installed "icinga director" the graphite already Is not updated but only serves as long as the icing has files in the folder conf.d, so I need help to see how I can integrate graphite using icinga director, some could help me

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  • When it comes to the director, all that is needed is enable_perfdata=true in host and service objects.

    Regarding the director, that is the end of the story.

    This performance data is then spit out by icinga after enabling one or more features of the icinga2 core:

    Of which you need at least one.

    Nowadays, i would *not* recomment graphite / whisper any longer.

    I would opt for influxdb, grafana, and Mikesch 's great module grafana to integrate the graphs presented by grafana into

    icinga2 host and service views.

    If that is acceptable for you, your Task list is:

    • install influxdb
    • install grafana
    • icinga2 feature enable influxdb
    • create / modify /etc/icinga2/features-available/influxdb.conf (example in the link above)
    • Using the director Web GUI, create / modify hosts and services that have enable_perfdata=true
    • From the shell, run influx and query the records of above hosts and services to verify data is rolling in
    • Using grafana Web GUI, create dashboards with above objects graphs
    • using icingaweb2 Web GUI/setup/modules/grafana, configure these graphs to show up at host and service views.
    • You may download this vagrant box that is configured ready to use as a starting point - to have a working system you can learn with.

    If you really need to use graphite / whisper, replace "influxdb" with the word "graphite" in above task list and use

    this vagrant box instead.

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  • What you are suggesting is that influxdb is better than graphite

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  • I've moved the post and edited the topic. Uppercase letters can be interpreted as shouting and that's not a good start in a relaxed community.

    I'd try both and decide upon the maintenance and look&feel. One thing I'd also keep in mind - Clustering with InfluxDB is not open source, only paid enterprise. That is sometimes required for scaling whereas these components are free to use in Graphite.

  • "When it comes to the director, all that is needed is enable_perfdata = true in host and service objects."

    In which part of director is this part enabled in the templates or in the definition of the host and services

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  • Perfect excuse the caps, the issue is that when I install icinga director graphite is no longer updated with the correct data and because adding new host or services does not recognize them

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  • Could be related to max updates/creates in Graphite too. Or your plugins just don't provide any valid performance data.

    AFAIK the Director has the "inspect" URL rendered in the service detail view. That way you can see the raw check command line, output and performance data. Post a sample here.

    enable_perfdata can be left alone, Icinga 2's default is true. You might have accidentally set the to "false" anywhere. You can inspect that by a simple REST API Query too.

    1. michi@imagine ~ $ curl -k -s -u root:icinga -H 'Accept: application/json' -H 'X-HTTP-MEthod-Override: GET' -X POST 'https://localhost:5665/v1/objects/services' -d '{ "attrs": [ "__name", "enable_perfdata" ], "filter": "service.enable_perfdata == false" }'