Plugin Performance Data for icingaweb2

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  • Hi there, I am currently deploying a plugin that returns performance data as floating-point numbers. The returned string looks like this: "OK: Everything is fine |randomvalue=1.18474688E8;1.908932608E9;3.0542921728E9;0;3.817865216E9" (with return code 0) Icingaweb2 visualized the data correctly with the graphite plugin and transforms the numbers to i.e. 118,474,688.00. But - if I use floating-point numbers, apparently, I am unable to add units. Is there some way to add the unit Bytes to this? Or do I have to transform the performance data so I can add B instead of E8? Thanks! Best regards Koppel

  • E9 is a mathematical expression to shorten really long numbers, you should limit your numbers to something reasonable like 6 digits after the .

    Also Icinga2 will most likely have a problem with the E9 as this is not transformable with the standard way.

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