Using director to create satellite zones, endpoints and hosts

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  • Hello,

    I'm trying to use only director to create satellite zones, endpoints, endpoint host object, and clients with agents.

    Hierarchy should be --> zone "global" (node: icinga2-master) --> satellite zone "aws"( node: icinga-aws-01) --> clients

    I have a template for "icinga Agent" that is imported on hosts for satellite zones. This enable Agent Tab where kickstart script is generated for agent setup.

    This is the snipped of kickstart script generated by director

    Kickstart generates a Zone for ICINGA2_NODENAME instead of "aws". I set on director "Cluster zone" to "aws".

    I tried to set up "Cluster zone" to "global" but always create a zone with "ICINGA2_NODENAME"

    How can I setup from Director this new node/host/endoint in "aws" zone?