Dynamic group defined for host attempts to pull services

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  • I'm working with dynamic groups for the first time, and running into what looks like a bug, but could just be my lack of understanding.

    I'm attempting to create a group that displays only those hosts matching a certain regex, with this configuration:

    define dyngroup {

    name=Search heads


    object_filter=Filter: name ~ sh.*skynet-search\n





    The filter works when used in Thruk or when hitting the livestatus socket directly from the command line (i.e. echo -e "GET hosts\nFilter: name ~ sh.*skynet-search\n" | nc -U [socket]). But with this configuration NagVis returns this error: 'invalid filter: table 'services' has no column 'name'

    Seems as if nagvis is pulling the services table from livestatus despite the 'object_types=host'.