Backend icinga2 is not running, but everything works

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  • watermelon you still can post what we found out then.

  • I would take a lokk at the installed packages and configuration, test connections, take a closer look at the logfiles (apache,mysql,syslog) etc.

    All the things we asked you already, but there must be something you didnt see, thats why i offered a remote session.

  • Keep in mind that Mikesch is really kind here with such an offer. You'll highly likely get that from no-one else for free here. (and it shouldn't become a regular expectation in a community forum either).

  • I'm incredibly grateful for such an offer but I am just not comfortable with hosting a remote session like that (I'm sure my company wouldn't be either). However, I can be given a list of commands to run (which would what would be in the remote session anyways) from which an expert like Mikesch could decipher. I don't see how this would be any different from a remote session, other than it being real-time vs delayed responses.

  • So... I updated Icinga2 (yum install icinga2) from v2.6.3 to v2.7 and everything magically started working. Not sure why... but it's finally fixed. Or is it?