Jasper Performance Reporting with InfluxDB

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  • Hello,

    so far we used Icinga1 with ingraph2 for collecting performance data. We are using own reports with time series in JasperReports to visualize performance trends (similiar to the pre-build icinga reports). The database system is MySQL.

    We are facing more and more huge performance problems with ingraph2. Due to our planned migration to Icinga2 we would like to switch to InfluxDB and Grafana as well. This looks good so far.

    When it comes to performance reporting in Jasper it's looking differently. I haven't found a way yet to create a datasource that connects directly to the InfluxDB.

    Since there is no native Influx Data Adapter for Jasper, I tried to create a JSON Adapter which uses the Influx DB HTTP API. Unfortunately this is not possible because of a bug in the current version (no release date for the fix).

    Another way could be using a custom connector ("Custom implementation of JRDataSource") like influxdb-java. A quick try to compile it failed but I'm anyway not sure if this is an option.

    Does anyone else has an idea or hint? Maybe someone is already using Jasper with an InfluxDB.

    Thanks and regards :)

  • For those who are interested in the custom JRDataSource: I build the following class which uses the maven-compiled influxdb-java connector, I mentioned above (which itself works standalone). Unfortunately I'm unable to get it working as a Jasper Data Source. Either it returns no data without any error or the Studio ignores my changes, e.g. when returning hard-coded dummy-values from the class getFieldValue-function.

    The class looks like this:

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