Understanding Service Sets and an error

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  • Hi all,

    I am setting up some IcingaWeb2 configs and having an issue as follows. I have created a service set called 'Base Linux Agent Checks' and in this there are for example 5 services that one could consider as being 'base' (ping/cpu/memory etc). I would like to display these in the overview where I would like to see 'Base Windows Checks' and 'Base Linux Checks' and in order to do this, I think I would have to create a servicegroup and put the service set inside that. When I do that and go to 'assign where' for the service group and select from pulldown menu service set:

    'Service.service set contains <the name of my service set>' and i also tried with = exact name, I receive the error message:

    critical/config: Error: Invalid field access (for value of type 'Service'): 'service_set'

    Location: in [stage]/zones.d/director-global/servicegroups.conf: 38:41-38:59

    [stage]/zones.d/director-global/servicegroups.conf(36): object ServiceGroup "Linux Base Checks" {

    [stage]/zones.d/director-global/servicegroups.conf(37): display_name = "Linux Base Checks"

    [stage]/zones.d/director-global/servicegroups.conf(38): assign where "Linux Base Checks" in service.service_set


    [stage]/zones.d/director-global/servicegroups.conf(39): }


    Any ideas? It's fine with 'name' of service but not service sets.

  • I think service_set is a custom variable so you need to put a "vars." in front of the variable.

    You can try the following assign:

    1. assign where "Linux Base Checks" in service.vars.service_set
  • I have a related question about service sets,

    I noticed that when assigning a service_set to a host, it is not possible to override e.g. a threshold for a check for a single host

    It is stored in the configuration, but not applied.

    It the same check is added directly from a template, so not using a service_set it is possible to override a threshold.
    Is this by design, or should this work?