Icinga2 Inventory

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  • Hi!

    It is possible to obtain a report including hardware invetory? I have installed JasperReports with Icinga2 but I don't find the way to do this. I have different devices, like routers, switches, windows/Linux servers and I would like to obtain different reports:

    • Whole Inventory
    • Linux Servers inventory
    • Windows Server inventory
    • Cisco routers inventory
    • ....

    Any help about it?

    Is there any other tool, different from Jasper, which could do this?


  • Hi,

    I would like to obtain, for example, a list with all hosts that are being monitoring, but most important, I would like to obtain a list for all linux server, or windows server, cisco routers, switchs... or any other group of devices.

    In the file host.conf I have define a custom variable, e.g: vars.os = "Linux"

    It is posible to obtain a report using this information?

    It is posible to obtain the information that I am asking for, in a other way? I didn't find information regarding to this.


  • You could use the REST API to filter for that information and receive such as JSON result.


    On the other hand you could use Icinga Web 2 and filter for those custom attributes too. That allows you to create custom dashboards and views.

  • Yeah, should have added that. Wasn't sure what exactly you needed. The term "inventory" is somewhat widespread. In your case, you already do that on your own, and just selectively export those elements for external interfaces or reports.

    When I read inventory, it is more like - one wants to fetch details from servers and hardware and put that somewhere. I would have then suggested tools like Puppet and Foreman.

  • I had a need for this as well, since I run some backups and needed a list of my switches and since Icinga had that already I decided to write a small BASH script to do so, I added it to cron on a daily basis.