Icinga Windows SWAP Plugin

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  • Hi,
    I have deployed icinga monitoring, the thing is in windows monitoring there is SWAP plugin, I believe it points to windows virtual memory.

    When i ran that plugin in cmd it shows something around

    But when i checked on the system properties for virtual memory it shows

    So my question is i want to clear that swap memory. how can i and where can i file that swap file that points by Icinga?


  • For windows you should check if size is managed by system = auto grow.

    For my screenshot, is the case.

    The numbers are correct, because its then swap file + free space on you disk drive(s)

    I doubt that.

    i have a

    • suggested swap file size of 4GB
    • current total swap file size of 1GB
    • Free space on the drive allowed for swap files of about 80GB.

    That does not match your above statement.

    Is their any way to clear that swap

    You would modify your systems settings because a check_ plugin produces unexpected results ?

  • Currently got the

    1. Date/Time: 2017-04-23 16:39:30 +0200
    2. Additional Info: SWAP CRITICAL - 9.54157% free
    3. Comment: []

    IS there any ways to clear, Current SWAP was 4Gb

  • Well, something in your machine pretends it needs more ram then is installed - resulting in the swap file being used.

    Older Jet driven databases (used for example in exchange and MSSQL) get hold of each and any free byte of ram even if they do not really need them. Good news is: they give them away if other processes request more ram.

    I would have a look in taskmanager and resource monitor to see what process eats up your ram and what the current sumary state is about that.

    Then you decide.

    There is no "dont use the swap even if you are low on ram" - as long as you have a swap file configured, it will be used.