Only graphs+Servicename on dashboard

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  • Hi dear community,

    I am pretty new to Icinga2 but still I figured some things out yet.

    I installed Graphite in the first step to have some fancy graphs for my performance data. Later I decided to use Grafana, which is installed and configured now, aswell.

    Grafana itself is working really good and I love it! But still, I am missing something.

    I would like to have a dashboard, that contains some graphs. The perfect way would be a link to a host-specific Grafana-dashboard, but since external links are obviously not working (why tho?) I cannot add a dashlet with this link.

    So did you make any experiences with using graph-dashboards? I tried to add service-information as a dashlet (that contain graphs) but there I get all these information about "Notifications", "Check Execution" and so on, I don't want that. I just want the service/host-name and the graph for this, no other information.

    I will say thanks in advance to you guys, because for me it seems to be a difficult task to achieve this.