Beginners help: Icinga Director vs Node wizard (client/endpoint) - but how?

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  • Greetings all,

    we're planning to migrate our Icinga1 environment to Icinga2 with Icinga2web+Director module.

    Seeking through Wikis/Gits howto's/forum threads has not cleared my thoughts yet so I decided to ask:

    I have one Master node, one debian client with Icinga2 Core (agent I guess?) installation, using him as a check endpoint - as far as I understood, Icinga2 agent replaces the former NRPE checks.

    The client is visible in Icinga2web, no issue at all but how do I manage the client e.g. add check commands to the existing client?
    As far as I can imagine, I would have to delete all local config from icinga2, and just use the Director, add a new node with "Icinga Agent: yes" and the continue there, right?

    In general: is the icinga2 director already capable to use it as replacement like LConf ealier? And should the local files - when using director - be purged and therefore all admin tasks done only via director?