Graph 2 days or more is not displayed

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  • Hi, Everyone

    I have having problems displaying metrics on Graphite when the date is "yesterday" or more days ago. I am collecting a lot of metrics, such as cpu, mem, disk, processes, and so on, working fine. However, the last two metric added are the reason for this thread.

    For collect metrics I use collectd, then it sends to Riemann engine for distribution and alerting purposes. Riemann sends streams to Graphite in order to store metrics. Finally, Grafana queries to Graphite for time-series (with data) and graph them.

    I have some schemas of retention for all metrics.


    This empty graph is showed when I request for 2 or more days.…7Carrusel%27)&from=-2days

    2 days

    1 day

    The graph is successful when i request it for 1 day.…7Carrusel%27)&from=-1days

    Whisper file

    Shows correctly storage-schemas configuration and it has information.

    Thanks for your help.

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  • [Update]

    I have been checked my .wsp files. I picked-up the first entry and then I have transformed in a human-redeable date. So, the .wsp file only has 24 hours of inforrmation (3.4 MB). My cuestion is: Have I to resize (increase) the .wsp file?

    # whisper-fetch tcp_connections-ESTABLISHED.wsp | head

    1491760361 None

    1491760362 None

    1491760363 None

    1491760364 None

    1491760365 None

    1491760366 654.000000

    1491760367 None

    1491760368 None

    1491760369 None

    1491760370 None

    # date -d@1491760361

    dom abr 9 12:52:41 CDT 2017


  • Have I to resize (increase) the .wsp file?

    Yes you need to resize the wsp file.

    In the wsp file is defined how long and hwo often a timepoint is written to it.

    Btw in the thread you visited before, number 3 could be helpful here.

    A few months ago i wrote a similar litte guide to change the whisper files:

    Can't view last 30days log in grafana

  • Thanks for the link, birkch.

    I will wait for some hours in order to check it.

    Please, let me understand something. I know that the file size and timepoints saved in .wsp file are determinated by store-schemas.file. In my configuration I have setted a vast retention period, so why it behave as a default (24 hours) storage-schemes configuration?

    Thanks a lot!

  • I have solved thi issue.

    My metric pushing was different that my retention pattern (storage-schemas) and my aggregate (storage-aggregate) had xFileFactor=.5. I ensure that in my .wsp file there not were null values.