Automate Director setup with icingacli

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  • Hi all,

    We have several production environments of icinga2 with customized static configuration files.

    Right now we are trying to move to Director, but since director doesn't import static config files (namely templates), we are trying to create a script to import our custom fields, services templates, host templates, etc. to Director.

    We are trying to use icingacli, but we are having troubles in finding the available options.

    Is there any icingacli documentation or complex examples beside the ones in…blob/master/doc/ ?

    As an example of want we want to achieve is one apply rule. How can we automate this type o rules? Specially the "assign where..." and "import" part.

    apply Service "generic-service" {
    import "generic-service"

    assign where "Linux Server" in host.templates

    import DirectorOverrideTemplate

    Another thing we want to do is to "enable" all command arguments as fields, so we can override their custom options in the GUI. Is there any easy option to do this?

    Thanks in advance