NagVis-Authentication: Admin Access?

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  • Hello everyone,

    I have a little question on the automated authentication for nagvis.

    I am using Icinga2 and have recently embedded the NagVis module.

    As authentication method I have used the ".htaccess" method from the NagVis-Site.



    A second way to "disable" the authentication is setting the variable REMOTE_USER via .htaccess file. Place a file called .htaccess with the following content in the NagVis root directory:

    1. SetEnv REMOTE_USER nagiosusername

    But I did use another Username, of course.

    I set the rights to this "public" user accordingly, so the users can work with nagvis, but here's my problem:

    As an admin who from time to time wants to create a new map I need to get admin access somehow.

    Since I am not really experienced with webservers in general I wondered if I can just set a link on the NagVis login mask and call it from my root index.html...

    That's just one scenario I imagined, any other way that works is fine, too.

    What would the best way to realize this this be?