Migration LConf to director

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  • Hi,

    I'm about to start a migration from Icinga1.x to Icinga2. So far I'm aware and OK with it, that the config will be a re-write.

    My question is if it's possible to at least squeeze hostname, IP, alias (maybe parents and servicegroup..) out of LConf and parse it into the Icinga director?

    Open for any suggestions.



  • You could use LDAP as import source. Markus wrote about that a while ago (German only): https://blog.netways.de/2017/0…lconf-der-director-kommt/

  • Well, as far as I can tell Markus explains to fetch the data from plain LDAP trees. If you're looking into sort of inheritance and the treerewrite from LConf, you probably need to build such on your own and import that data.

    I just asked Tom about it, and he came up with one idea: You could use property modifiers which look into the ou and extract certain strings from there, i.e. the following tree:

    1. Hosts -> Location -> OS -> Application

    Those could be used to import specific templates you've created already. Or anything else. Play around with it and let us know how it goes :)


    If you miss anything, please open feature requests over at Github ;)

  • Thanks, buddy. Great advice.

    I'll get right onto the playing around bit and see what I can scrape out of LConf that way.