Icinga2 client behind proxy

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  • Hi together,

    is it possible to monitor clients behind a proxy server? In our case we want to monitor about 5000-10k kiosk system with different network settings. In some cases the customer network uses a proxy server with and without authentication. It would be enough to get the connection client -> server and not client <-> server. In this scenario we only need to monitor windows clients, all other clients would have direct access to the server.



  • You should choose one connection direction, there's no requirement for both. Either the client actively connects to the master, or vice versa. There's a chapter on the docs about the endpoint connection direction too.

  • Thanks for the reply I have seen this but the questions is how about the proxy address and the credentials. This is the major point which we have to support for our clients. What I found out is to use passive checks to send results via rest api but than I have to create my own client. Is there any plan support proxy servers from the client?

  • Sounds a bit weird. I don't think that there are plans for such proxy support, as by default the route client->master should be sufficient for most users.