Icinga2 gui options

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  • Hi All,

    Now its been a while since i started using icinga2 and its really an wonderful too, special thanks to people in this forum, without whom i couldn't have achieved icinga2 installation in our live environment.

    Before icinga2, i was using icinga classic web in which i could see lots of options to suppress notification for checked hosts, suppress notifications for checked services and lot other options, any idea why this isn't available in icinga2? Maybe if it is available do i need to add any extra configurations?

    Any insight will be helpful.


  • You can't compare the Classic UI and Icinga Web 2, although users always will do. Icinga Web 2 was written from scratch and does not incorporate every little detail you've probably found lovely in Classic UI. But there's a chance - discuss a feature request on GitHub, see if others think the same. Maybe someone even comes up with a PR :)

  • dnsmichi : Thats true one cannot compare classic web with Icinga2:), icinga2 is more robust and has lots many features.

    But i found options for disabling notifications and hosts checks in Icinga2. I just have to uncheck notifications and active checks for any specific service/ host and that did the trick.