Check_load custom attributes

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  • can someone help me in configuring custom attribute for check_load plugin. I tried adding variables like vars.load_wload1 and for 5 and 10 mins interval too. But I could still see master alerting on default configuration but not on my custom metrics.

    Also please point me to some guide which can give a brief on configuring custom attributes for default plugins in icinga2.

  • sorry if I wasn't clear in my previous statement. Check_load is working as expected but I would want to change default threshold metrics like critical n warning alert. any insight will be helpful.

  • vars.load_wload1 etc is correct. You should be able to see the settings reflected in the returned perfdata.

    After the check is executed I get the following:

    1. Performance dataLabel Value Warning Criticalload1 0.00 9.00 18.00load5 0.01 4.00 6.00load15 0.00 3.00 4.0

    In the host view I also see:

    Custom Variables
    Load Cload1 18

    and in the service:

    Custom Variables
    Load Wload1 9

    This should help you check that the variables are actually applied.