Icingaweb2 NagVis module hosturl redirection issue.

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  • Hi all,

    I have installed NagVis Icingaweb2 module on the system and followed the instruction in here - https://exchange.icinga.com/icinga/NagVis

    Things look fine but I have one issue. The url doesn't look like redirecting correctly. So, I created a map and added a host icon. When I clicked the host icon, the url doesn't go as I expected. In the setup, the 'htmlcgi' path is set to '/icingaweb2' and few urls have been configured as the instruction shows. However, when I clicked the host, the url shows like this - http://SRV_ADDR/icinga/cgi-bin/monitoring/host/show?host=XXXX

    If I manually change '/icinga/cgi-bin' to '/icingaweb2', I can see the related host information from Icingaweb2 interface. Am I missing some configurations regarding NagVis setting? I really appreciate it if someone out there can help me. Thanks in advance. Cheers.

  • Sorry guys, I think that I found the reason. I should have read the configuration more thoroughly. The 'backend' configuration also had 'htmlcgi' section. As soon as I changed the setting of that variable, it worked charm. Thanks all. What a dumb I was....

  • Glad you found it yourself. For those looking into the same issue - the "[defaults]" config section is key here. https://github.com/Icinga/icin…gvis#nagvis-configuration