NagVis configuration issue

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  • Hi all,

    I am trying to build NagVis with ido2db. Because I am going to use ido2db, I commendted out the following line.



    And I set up the database related setting like below.

    ; type of backend - MUST be set


    Now, when I open the web browser and go the the NagVis page, I can see the following error message.

    The attribute dbpass in section backend_ndomy_1 in main configuration file does not match the correct format. Please review your configuration.

    I am really not sure what is going on. I am reaching the point where I desperately need a couple of beers. Is this a sort of escape character problem? I am 100% sure the password is correct. Are there any people can review this issue? Thank you very much.

  • Well, I think this is a bit of problem. I created another account with a plain text password (just alphabets only) on the DB and it works. So, I believe this is an issue with special characters. Putting a backslash in front of $ didn't work. Changing double quotes to single quotes didn't work either.