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  • Hello there!

    Can I change the size of dashlet on dashboard? I want to make dashlet to whole frame of dashboard

    [Blocked Image: http://itcrowd.top/images/screenshot.PNG]

  • Hey Sharygin

    you can try to use

    /usr/share/icingaweb2/public/css/icinga/responsive.less --> maybe your path is a little bit different

    #layout.wide-layout .dashboard > .container {

    padding-right: @gutter;

    width: 32.45%; --> try changing this


    when you install icingaweb2 upgrades this file will be overwritten so remebember you must change this every time.

    Copy this file before you do changes so you can copy it back when you made a mistake.(There are several more values you can change)

    Maybe you need to delete your browser cache before you can see the changes.

  • Thanks for answer epytir!

    This is too radical method because I use many dashboards with different dashlets.

    But if you edit the CSS, then you also need to change:

    1. #layout.default-layout .dashboard > .container {
    2. padding-right: @gutter;
    3. width: 50%;
  • Hey Sharygin,

    I don't know if you have figured out a better workaround but I ended up modifying the


    I use a webkit here to remove extra scrollbars from iframes and I found that for dashing hard coding the height to 1000px does the trick. (I know not best practice. you might have to play around with the width.