Can't create HostGroup

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  • Hi!

    When I try to create a HostGroup I get Error: Type 'HostGroup' does not exist. I have tried with the example given in the documentation:

    1. object HostGroup "my-hosts" {
    2. display_name = "My hosts"
    3. }

    But that also gives this error. Any help would be appreciated. :thumbup:

  • I created it in conf.d/groups.conf. I'm not sure what you mean by how but all configuration was created manually.

  • critical/config: Error: Type 'HostGroup' does not exist.

    Location: in /opt/local/software/icinga-core/2.5.4/etc/icinga2/conf.d/groups.conf: 1:0-1:26

    /opt/local/software/icinga-core/2.5.4/etc/icinga2/conf.d/groups.conf(1): object HostGroup "my-hosts" {


    /opt/local/software/icinga-core/2.5.4/etc/icinga2/conf.d/groups.conf(2): display_name = "My hosts"

    /opt/local/software/icinga-core/2.5.4/etc/icinga2/conf.d/groups.conf(3): }

    I failed to note that I compiled from source.

  • There are quite a bit of other dependencies that must be installed for Icinga2 to work.

    Have you got the web interface and other object definitions working? (Hosts, Services, Commands, etc.)

    Do you have a working/updated instance of mariadb or postgresql? Icinga2 requires a database to store the aforementioned object definitions.

    What distribution of Linux are you using?

  • Compiling from source isn't recommended unless you're a packager. I would believe that something went wrong, or isn't properly installed (e.g. libconfig is not available, or even libicinga in that scope). Although I do not want to support source installations, so I'd recommend to install the official release packages instead.

  • The other object definitions works and it's an Ubuntu 14.04 machine. I will do another attempt at compiling from scratch and see if I missed something. If that fails I will use the package. Thanks for the help :)