ScheduledDowntime not displayed in Icinga Web 2

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  • Greetings,

    I have set up a ScheduledDowntime for my Icinga2 system to avoid notifications during maintenance work at night, but I'm afraid I've done something wrong. The problem is I cannot see my Downtime in the webinterface Icingaweb2. When I look at the overview for Downtimes there is only the default ScheduledDowntime displayed. I added an image with the overview to the Attachments.

    My ScheduledDowntime:

    To assign every Host and Service this ScheduledDowntime, I created the Custom Attribute vars.wartung_downtime:

    System informations:
    icinga2: r2.6.0-1?
    icingaweb2: 2.3.4?
    ubuntu: Ubuntu 14.04.5 LTS

    I would be happy for any kind of help,


  • Your downtime works just fine, i created it in my system.

    The reason you do not see it is that in the templates, you set the value of vars.wartung_downtime to "", but you should set it to something:

    vars.wartung_downtime="Yes. This Service needs the downtime".

    Your approach is exectly what i would do: preset the variable in the templates to *not* apply the downtime.

    But then, in the few services i need it i would define the variable to something like above.

    If you really want the downtime to be applied to every service, you can omit the variable completely and do something like:

    assign where

    as your apply rule.

  • Thank you for your help sru!

    Have I understood that correctly? If I remove the variables "vars.wartung_downtime = "" " in the templates and modify my ScheduledDowntime with"assign where", this downtime will be applied to any service? And will it be displayed in the web interface icingaweb2? (I currently have problems with my server and cannot test it now)

  • Correct.

    That is the result of my test run with the downtime you provided.

    The reason is that every service *must* have a servce name *and* the downtime will be applied to all services that have a service name -

    resulting on hitting each and every service.

  • Thanks a lot! I can finally see my downtimes in the webinterface and I will also try the solution with "assign where".