Help about distribuite monitoring

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  • Hi.

    I am a Icinga 1 happy user since may year (I switched from Nagios when the Icinga project started).

    Now I am hanged on Icinga 1 and I haven't studied Icinga 2 yet.

    Now I am plan to switch to Icinga 2 or some other monitoring system because Icinga 1 is not enough for me anymore at now, so I want to ask you some question to understand if Icinga 2 could fits for my needs.

    I have several data centers for few customers, which I am monitoring with a single Icinga 1 instance installed in every data center.

    Most of checks are active with NRPE server installed on clients.

    I also have an external Icinga 1 installation which is monitoring all external services on every data center.

    I wish to keep single instances on every data center, but I would like to have a single dashboard in my Icinga installation in which I could monitor every data center in a single instance. Something like "one hostgroup per data center" and each data center's host in that hostgroup.

    Another feature I would like to add is having an agent I could install on every clients, because NRPE installation and configuration of every clients is very trivial when you have hundreds of clients, even if you manage it with Ansible.

    For this I very like the agent of check_mk which you can simply install on each Linux or Windows clients and it has basic checks built-in, immediately pushed to the monitoring server.

    I wish to have a web interface (like Icinga 2) on all Icinga installations (the ones installed in data centers and the centralized one).

    Could you help me to understand if Icinga 2 could fit for my needs or if I need to switch to some other monitoring software (Check MK?)...

    Thank you very much!