Stuck with installation pnp in icingaweb2

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  • Did you install pnp4nagios via packages or manually?

    Are the paths in the pnp module settings correct? (Configuration->Modules->pnp->Config)

    Afaik if you run Ubuntu 16.04 you need to install pnp4nagios manually and need to change some things compared to an Ubuntu 14.04 install:

    (path might differ)



    comment those lines

  • I am on Debian 8 and installed the package pnp4nagios version 0.6.24+dfsg1-4~bpo80+1 from the jessie-backports repository. The paths in the module config are the defaults and they are correct.

    I tried like you said and commented out all lines starting with $views[] = array... The result is that the links "4 Hours, 25 Hours..." are now gone. Not what I wanted ;-)

    I might try to install pnp4nagios manually tomorrow.

  • Thanks Wolfang, I forgot to point that out more clearly.

    I was aiming at this problem/solution:

    As you install pnp4nagios from packages this shouldn't concern you, I think, as I experienced this problem only with a manual installation under ubnuntu 16.04.

    You could check here (…usty?xtxsearchselecthit=1), if the configuration is correct.