how to change demos with custom maps

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  • here is my default.header.js part of checkHideMenu function

    for test I commented and deleted checkHideMenu function like this:

    but error has not gone

  • renamed but new error appear


    Javascript error occured: Uncaught ReferenceError: checkHideMenu is not defined h t t p : / / i c i n g a net ak ge/nagvis/frontend/nagvis-js/js/ViewWorldmap.js?v=1.9b11(80)

  • Wolfgang thank you very much for help

    because I need the Nagvis not only for testing purposes also for production uses, I decide not to use 1.9 beta version, I reverted my icinga2 server to the condition where there is no nagvis installed and then installed fresh 1.8 latest stable version

    in the 1.8 version I have no javascript errors, so I'll check this thread as solved, but if someone will post here some useful link of doc or blog about how to work with maps I will be very thankful

  • is it possible to create modern and interactive geographical maps in 1.8 version?

  • actually I found solution of "javascript Uncaught ReferenceError" on the worldmap

    I edited 2 js files which Wolfgang said in this thread before: default.header.js and NagVisCompressed.js

    in default.header.js there was function like this

    after edit:

    in the NagVisCompressed.js.sav before:


    g_map.on('mousedown', checkHideMenu);



    g_map.on('mousedown', window.checkHideMenu);

    there is no Uncaught ReferenceError now :)