iCingaweb2 shows wrong time, even after reconfiguring timezones

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  • Need help with a rather annoying feature that I am unable to control/change.

    Current Setup:

    OS: RHEL 6.x

    Webserver: Apache

    iCinga Version: 2.6.0

    iCingaweb Version 2.4.0

    DB: Postgresql

    I have recently installed icinga and icingaweb on my linux server. I have 6 hosts connected and reporting to my master server. After multiple deliberations with varying versions, I upgraded my icinga and icingaweb to the latest version. However, I have noticed that the time displayed in icingaweb is incorrect and does not match the icinga longs.

    Current time displayed in icingaweb

    Current system time and date: Fri Jan 20 12:57:01 MST 2017. Timezone set in php.ini is America\Phoenix.

    I have checked the postgresql db and the timezone is set to US\Phoenix.

    Any suggestions on what I should try out.

  • That's known issue, and requires two bugfix releases - Icinga 2 v2.6.1 (31.1.) and Icinga Web 2 v2.4.1 (today).



    AFAIK a possible workaround is to set the PostgreSQL server time to UTC, but I haven't tested it (only implemented the fixes).

  • Hi dnsmichi, when will the source code for Icinga 2 v2.6.1 be released? I have obtained a copy of the Icinga Web 2 v2.4.1.

    Thank you for your help.

  • When everything goes as planned, next week. The source already is on GitHub.


  • Hi dnsmichi,

    I'm facing same issue as well. How can i set postgres time to UTC. i tried as below:


    but still issue is as it is.

  • I'd suggest to use packages anyways. yum install icingaweb2 will for example install the latest v2.4.1 release, which also is available on GitHub. yum install icinga2 provides the latest Icinga 2 release v2.6.2.

  • I updated icinga2 to 2.6.2 with yum but icingaweb is still 2.4.0. My issues are fixed now. Do i need to upgrade icingaweb as well?