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  • Hello guys I have configured icinga2 server with enabled graphite and icinga-director module everithing works perfect, now I need to monitor bunch of cisco devices and for that task I am looking for useful plugins, I am testing check_traffic plugin at the moment, the plugin works good but problem is that it do not draw graph data into graphite in/out/total graphite banner says "no data" while plugin output is "Warning - The Traffic In is 44.17Mbps, Out is 321.70Mbps, Total is 365.87Mbps. The Check Interval is 119s"

    please advise me any useful working snmp plugins for cisco devices

    thank you

  • H shota,

    I switched to (written and maintained by lausser ) a while ago, because it is able to monitor all kinds of network devices. I wanted to get rid of many different plugins for different network devices (Cisco, Checkpoint, Bluecoat, ...) and to just use one plugin for all.

    Give it a shot.


  • wow what a great plugin, thank you very much, I am testing it today all day long, everything works fine and have some questions:

    below on the picture is what Plugin Output is like in icingaweb2 interface, can I somehow shorten it?

    in command line I am using --morphmessage option for exmle: --morphmessage '(.*)*(.*)'='$1TRAFFIC$2' , it outputs only word TRAFFIC and then perfdata like this: TRAFFIC | 'Vlan1_usage_in'=0%;80;90;0;100 'Vlan1_usage_out'=0%;80;90;0;100.......etc..........

    but when I use --morphmessage in icinga command it does not works and outputs full message in the web interface anyway as you see it in the picture below

  • I tried --report option already, but it does not shorten anything, on the contrary things get worse using this option, for example:

    as we see here even --units option stops working after using --report option

  • Hi,

    Anyone tested successfully the command check_nwc_health mode interface-nat-count-sessions ?

    the output i get is "OK - 0 bind entries (0 addr, 0 port) | 'nat_bindings'=0;;;; 'nat_addr_bindings'=0;;;; 'nat_port_bindings'=0;;;;, it shouldn't return zero.