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  • Hi there,

    Woltlab announced their release of Woltlab Suite Core 3.0 & Forum 5.0 last week. We still wanted to change the layout a bit, and so I played with their demo before deciding to upgrade.

    This upgrade involves changes to the style&layout, forum structure as well as the primary language.

    Upgrade to Woltlab Suite 3.0 including Forum 5.0

    Our forum license was still valid and so the upgrade did not cost us any money (would've been around 45€ for an upgrade, fresh license costs 90€).

    The upgrade itself went smooth except for a nasty bug with the language template. More on that later.

    I had to remove the board subscription plugin which was not compatible anymore. Woltlab integrated the functionality into the native application.

    Woltlab Core with Dashboard is now separated from the Forum application. In case you're wondering about the URLs: Dasboard uses /cms, Forum uses /.


    I've added Github as external auth application. This is experimental for further tests with spam prevention.

    Reorganised forum layout

    The biggest change involves merging Icinga *, Nagios into the Projects category. This hopefully allows you to easily identify your installed monitoring tool and navigate to the forum to ask your question.

    Addons & Plugins has been cleaned as well, and in addition there's a forum for NSClient++.

    I've also added a new category called Integrations. This was requested in this thread, and I took the category name from how we call it in Icinga. Now you'll have Log Management, Metrics & Graphs, Config Management and Containers & Virtualization.



    The new style is based on the default Woltlab style. It changes the colouring template and adds a new logo (which requires credits found on the Thanks page in the footer menu), The mobile layout looks even better too.

    One thing which did not go well - I had to remove the German language templates, keeping the forum language in English only. Details for my bug hunting over the weekend can be found here. This probably also solves the visibility of threads if you accidentally removed English from your account settings.

    While this is only for the look&feel, I'd also like to encourage everyone taking part of this community to write your posts in English. Users from all around the world will appreciate it. <3



    Hope you like it - feedback much appreciated :)



  • had to re set all my subscriptions on the forums as I got notifications from ones that I do not need, don't know if this is because of the new project subforum or if this was a general problem

    Linux is dead, long live Linux

    Remember to NEVER EVER use git repositories in a productive environment if you CAN NOT control them

  • had to re set all my subscriptions on the forums as I got notifications from ones that I do not need, don't know if this is because of the new project subforum or if this was a general problem

    The plugin we used for this feature was removed because this functionality is now part of the Forum itself. Sadly this caused everyones subscriptions to reset

  • There's one minor thing - the latest post for each sub forum isn't properly shown. We experienced that when upgrading last year, but there is no hint in the admin interface how to rebuild just that index. Will keep looking for a solution, unless it heals itself over time.

  • Am I the only one, who always gets an internal server error first, when I log in?

    Please provide a screenshot and the shown error ID.

  • Just tried to attach an uploaded image to my post (as thumbnail or full image) and it froze my browser tab.

    Using Vivaldi 1.6.689.4, haven't tried other browsers though

  • Hm, never heard of that browser. I can only refer to what Woltlab requires at minimum.

    • Current Webbrowser (Chrome 55+, Firefox 50+, Internet Explorer 11+, Microsoft Edge 14+, Safari 9+)
  • to enlighten you, vivaldi is from the founder of the opera browser

    Linux is dead, long live Linux

    Remember to NEVER EVER use git repositories in a productive environment if you CAN NOT control them

  • Are you able to reproduce it? I changed some parts of the languageID parts in production an hour ago or so (I assumed they can be NULL, but apparently they cannot). The languageID thingy is the reason why the latest post in forum listing did show up wrong.

    Funnily enough, the table wcf1_board_last_post contains references from threadID to languageID to boardID. If you add a new language, this table is never updated - unless someone creates a new thread or updates an existing post. It even gets worse - if you delete a language, the last_post table isn't updated and will therefore still serve the old outdated value ("Events" still did show Icinga Camp 2016 while the 2017 was being updated).

    Example how it previously looked like - 34148 was always shown, instead of 39305.

    1. mysql> select * from wbb1_board_last_post where boardID=50;
    2. +---------+------------+----------+
    3. | boardID | languageID | threadID |
    4. +---------+------------+----------+
    5. | 50 | 5 | 34148 |
    6. | 50 | NULL | 39305 |

    I'll create a different bug report for that over at, meanwhile I have fixed those table entries with manual listing and some mysql magic.

  • Hey there,

    Great job on the new layout! It looks great even seems a little bit faster. I actually do miss the darker theme, but I guess I will adapt to this new format eventually.

    This recent change brought me to the realization that these forums are subject to many changes and one day (hopefully never) may be removed. I was wondering if there is any way to export the contents of a thread into a text file so that I could have a backup of it on my computer. I have troubleshooted on many threads and created my own threads as well and often refer back to these forums when I run into a problem that I've encountered before. These forums have become another source of documentation for me at this point!

    Is there a way to do this? Otherwise I'll have to go back through my old posts and manually copy-paste them, which would be a pain but I would do it anyways.


  • good thinking watermelon may we can get a sql dump of the threads and posts, without the users, when this forum will be shut down

    Linux is dead, long live Linux

    Remember to NEVER EVER use git repositories in a productive environment if you CAN NOT control them

  • Hm. That entire multi language system is so hilariously broken ...

    When you *remove* a language from the system, it does *not* refresh all other tables.

    1. mysql> select languageID, count(*) as user_count from wcf1_user group by languageID;
    2. +------------+------------+
    3. | languageID | user_count |
    4. +------------+------------+
    5. | 1 | 625 |
    6. | 2 | 2 |
    7. | 4 | 1 |
    8. | 5 | 14635 |
    9. +------------+------------+
    10. 4 rows in set (0.02 sec)

    Fixed that inside the database.

    MarcusCaepio please continue to watch this issue, and if it re-occurs please send me a PM :)

  • watermelon

    In terms of archiving the pages - the print CSS style should allow you to print such PDFs on your own. I'm not aware of any plugins capable of exporting Markdown and whatnot but maybe you'll find some.

    Since you "fear" that it might shut down somewhere in the future - I took over monitoring-portal from Jörg, Matthias and Michael in late 2015 since they wanted to step down as admins, and I thought that it should live on. Together with fellow colleagues from NETWAYS and Consol, we've taken care of it ever since. So there's no plans in shutting it down. I am actually working to reduce the maintenance level to a minimum (which is why I hate the spam problem that much). That will allow any admin to rather join the threads with helpful posts than to actually work on the ACP all the time.

    The reason why I decided to upgrade the forums was the lack of a proper design and performance in WBB4. It is still not perfect, and probably could be customized and fixed in many ways. But if you look at the history of its development, you'll know that major versions will always break plugins and styles. I'm also not happy about the fact that many plugins and extensions cost a lot of money and are developed partially closed source, not in the open. Still, keeping the defaults without that many plugins save us from investing a lot of time for such upgrades. Except for the broken multi language feature - I still could eat my keyboard.

    On the other hand I had a closer look at the current development of as possible replacement. It involves maintaining a full mail server and on the other hand a Docker infrastructure, as they do not support manual setup. And once you've got it running, you probably need to know how to debug and modify Ruby on Rails, EmberJS and PostgreSQL. I/We could certainly learn that, but not right now. I am confident that at some point we'll figure out a way to provide such.

    One or two things I'd like to establish - a reward system similar to Stackoverflow, and one primary language for everyone (English) participating. The roots of this site are in Germany, founded in 2003 but since we pushed Icinga that much over here, the internationalisation of the community just happened. And it definitely is something you need to take care of when managing communities. I learned that when joining the Icinga team back in 2009 - if you speak and write your local language which is not English, you'll loose others. That is merely the reason why we encourage the Icinga community to practice and use English everywhere (no German docs for Icinga 2 for instance).

    It certainly is a long road until we reach that level, but still I think we're on a good way.