SNMP Check_mk Display error

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  • Hi,

    We have a program developed by us that sends snmp traps, and we have a custom MIB for us, first we use PRTG to view that the traps are sending and receiving correctly, and the MIB is translating ok.

    When we want use check_mk to monitor this traps, in the logs are the traps and his translations with the MIB, but this traps aren´t shown in any host on the GUI.

    Here are the traps that are showed in the logs:

    [1484042147.567880] Event 4103: ARCHIVED// - Uptime: 49 sec, mlPresenceServer, 1, 0, Conectando a la base de datos
    [1484042148.068146] Event 4104: ARCHIVED// - Uptime: 49 sec, mlPresenceServer, 1, 0, Inicializando servidor...

    Any clue about how to display the traps as alarms in the graphic interface?

    Thanks for all.

  • To process SNMP traps in check_mk it is recommended to use the Event Console. You can find the documentation here. Unfortunately it is an old version of the documentation and the new one is not written in english yet.