Confusion around Jobs

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  • Hey Thomas,

    FIrst of all, thanks for this beautiful software. Director makes it very easy to manage Icinga2 and i am very happy with it.

    I am having a small issue with the Jobs. They seem to not run automatically. I have set my import source to be MySQL, set up a sync rule, as well as a job that runs every 900 Seconds. For some reason, the job will only run if i manually execute it with cli

    1. icingacli director jobs run

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

  • Hi Thomas,

    No i did not as i didnt understand the instructions in that page correctly. I will update them to make it more clear and Send you the updated version. Thanks Again:)

  • Hi Thomas,

    I realized that there might be a bug. When there is a host that goes Critical, we get the Host Down alerts.

    If Host comes back online, but a check fails, it will not send any Service alerts, even tho the Host is online.