Icinga2 with distribued clustering

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  • Hi

    I have 3 new identical machines with icinga2 and ido-mysql installed. I want to configure distributed monitoring as per this document https://docs.icinga.com/icinga…er/distributed-monitoring
    Also i have checked another document https://wiki.icinga.com/displa…ter+Install+with+CentOS+6

    I am just confused and wondering do i need to configure the mysql , ido in all those 3 servers. or just 1 server so it will sync automatically to the other 2 ?
    In my case i am just using master servers as satellite also to do all the checks.


  • If you don't need the IDO database and Icinga Web 2 on the satellites, do not install them. The cluster protocol takes care of replicating messages to involved nodes independent from enabled features (e.g. IDO).

  • Thanks!

    So if one of the system crash i can install icinga web2 in machine 2 or 3 to make it running again?

    Since i had an issue with a single master server and it crashed. I cannot recover it anymore. I need to do it all over again for 710 hosts so its better to check HA from beginning.


  • In case you have a HA cluster I'd use a central database with IDO HA enabled, with both Icinga Web 2 instances reading from that on each master node. Basically the second scenario from the docs.

    I wouldn't bother with installing Icinga Web 2 and DB IDO on the satellites if not explicitly required (e.g. local costumers). The thing you need to keep in mind with a child zone - you'll only have access to objects in this zone, not the master zone.

  • Thanks!

    So i just need to install icinga web-2 and DB ido in master and another 2 cluster just icinga2 so it will sync automatically.

    I will look up the zones information.

    One more question.
    I Think in the servers with icinga2 agent installed i can add 2 more master endpoint, but how about monitoring with check config files?
    Do i need to put config check files in all the 3 servers?

    Many Thanks

  • I'd use the top down config sync from master to satellite. That is basically scenario 3 in the docs, but without the clients (can be added too, if you want).

  • Great ! thanks :) I will do the config in all 3 nodes.

    One last question. how can i configure mysql "enable HA= True" , i am looking for the file couldn't find anything.