Copy-paste configuration error

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  • Hey guys!

    First time doing this but...

    I'm not entirely sure this is even an Icinga2 error! I made a video, with the description explaining what is going on. If anyone has run into this problem, please let me know. Or, if anyone knows of where I should post this video rather than the Icinga2 forums, please also let me know.

    Basically, I text edited a bunch of configs and then pasted them into a conf file on Icinga2. Apparently it didn't paste correctly. Watch the video to know what I'm getting at:

    Make sure to read the description on the video as well because there's no audio!

    Thanks all for any help.

    You may have to full screen the video if you can't see the text

  • I've figured it out!

    Turns out the quotation is somehow a different font, and that is unrecognized in the conf file. For example,

    " vs ”

    The left-hand quotation is the correct one, while the right-hand quotation is the wrong one (that got pasted into my conf file).

    To fix my problem, opened the file with vim and used this command


    where foo is the element that you want to replace and bar is the element that you are replacing foo with.

    Hopefully this helps someone out in the future!