critical_ack_bgcolor doesn't seem to work

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  • Hi,
    I am using a thick line to fill out boxes for a visualisation of service groups. (Perhaps this is the wrong approach?) But anyway I am trying to use critical_ack_bgcolor to change the acked colour from the pale red to a different red, as per the screenshot here:

    The hex code for this colour should be DD5F85. Setting the value of critical_ack_bgcolor doesn't seem to do anything. I have tried with Nagvis 1.7 and more recently with 1.9b9, both in the webUI using the colour picker and in nagvis.ini.php.
    Is it possible to change the line acked color to something different? Or am I on the wrong track? Any other way I can achieve the 'boxes' kind of effect without using lines?

    Any suggestions gratefully received.