API unauthorized request

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  • looks good, have you tried a more verbose debuglog it could contain vital information?

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  • In /etc/icingaweb2/resources.ini i have:

    1. [icingaweb_director_db]
    2. type = "db"
    3. db = "mysql"
    4. host = "localhost"
    5. dbname = "director"
    6. username = "director"
    7. password = "director"
    8. charset = "utf8"

    Does yours look similar ?

  • mine is

    1. [director]
    2. type = "db"
    3. db = "pgsql"
    4. host = "localhost"
    5. port = "5432"
    6. dbname = "director"
    7. username = "director"
    8. password = "director"
    9. charset = "utf8"

    & this [director] i'm using while runinng import through kickstart.

  • Also my icinga_zone & icinga_endpoint tables are blank in db:

  • Hey guys thanks a lot for your help. My issue is fixed now :)
    There was a wrong entry for my host in /etc/hosts , i deleted it & finally director module is installed :)