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  • Hi all,

    Currently running icingaweb2 2.3.4 and have a display on a raspberry pi tv on the wall running browser and displaying a custom dashboard giving us host and service issues. The problem I have is the template isn't good for viewing long distance on the screen so I want to customise the font size and style used on that dashboard user.
    I see the path /usr/share/icingaweb2/modules/monitoring/public/css/ that has a load of stylesheets, but I only want to create a NEW template and apply my custom tweaks to that template. How can I do this please? And also what is the best way of modifying the text style (which style?) to do what I need here?

    Thank you!

  • Anybody able to give me any hints? I've tried changing a few templates and they all fail terribly :-(

  • If you're having issues with fonts, are you really interested in all the details there? Dashing might be worth an alternative look for your dashboards.

    If you are in San Diego next week, you can attend Icinga Camp and watch my talk which includes a Dashing implementation using the Icinga 2 API.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the reply, we use our wallboard to give details so unfortunately the Dashing method wasn't ideal for us (I've used Dashing in other elements of our NOC), so ideally we have our display showing a dashboard screen but just need to tweak the font sizes to fit.

  • Yeah I run it with kiosk mode:

    But it's the font size that's the problem so I just want to alter the template for that user. Seems odd to write a modular template system but not have any info/procedure/code to change the templates!