SNMP checks and Icinga2 service states

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  • HI there,

    I am using Icinga 1 for about 2 years at work and right now I am experimenting with Icinga2 on a Raspberry Pi 2 at home.
    Everything works pretty good and step by step I get used to the new schemes regarding the host and service definitions.

    Now I am hoping for your help, because I cannot find any guides or hints regarding my current problem:
    I created services for SNMP checks with the nagios check_snmp plugin and they do work, but the service state is always OK as long as the service reaches the SNMP agent and gets a result.

    Now I would like to reconfigure my services and SNMP checks so that the service state changes to OK, critical and warning in accordance with the result of the SNMP check.

    Anyone out there an idea how to get this done?
    Do I have to write my own scripts that are executed by the checks and return the result and a special argument for the service to change its state?

    Thanks in advance for sharing, helping and exchange of knowledge :-)