Can't view last 30days log in grafana

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  • Hello,

    I have got a number of problems. I have setup icinga2, icingaweb2, graphite, graphite module in icingaweb2. The problems are:

    • icingaweb2 is not displaying graphite graph using graphite-module though I can see graph in graphite itself
    • can't view last 30days log in grafana. (important)

    last one is more important for me than number one. I have googled and found that "retentions" period should be changed. I have change the days and restarted carbon-cache, reloaded httpd but it is showing last one day graph only. My config file (/etc/carbon/storage-schemas.conf) looks as below:

    I already changed last one ([default_1min_for_1day]) retentions to 30d but it is also not working. Can anyone help? :(

  • The problem is that the performance data is stored in files and these files are not expanded if you change the carbon configuration.


    These files keep the same size, you have to expand them.

    For this you have to use the utility "whisper-resize"

    1. [root@hostname]# whisper-resize
    2. Usage: whisper-resize path timePerPoint:timeToStore [timePerPoint:timeToStore]*
    3. timePerPoint and timeToStore specify lengths of time, for example:
    4. 60:1440 60 seconds per datapoint, 1440 datapoints = 1 day of retention
    5. 15m:8 15 minutes per datapoint, 8 datapoints = 2 hours of retention
    6. 1h:7d 1 hour per datapoint, 7 days of retention
    7. 12h:2y 12 hours per datapoint, 2 years of retention

    Now you can resize with the following command:

    1. whisper-resize 60:7d /path/to/file.wsp

    I hope this helps you. :)

    PS: please have a look at the file rights if the performance data does not change.