[Solved] Icinga-web2 + Nagvis integration

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  • Hello,

    I have icingaweb2 (2.3.2), later installed and configured nagivs (1.8.5) manually, and it works, so I wanted to integrate nagvis into icingaweb2, but there is an issue I cannot figure out how to "connect" those two.
    (How icingaweb2 knows "where" to look for nagivs, ...)

    I followed this guide https://exchange.icinga.org/icinga/NagVis

    But when I enable module inside icingaweb2 and click on left panel "Maps" it cannot open it, now I get (it never worked for me, so I tried multiple things):

    1. The requested URL /nagvis/show/map was not found on this server.

    Also I applied these two:

    which solved some integration issues (or at least it seems they did)

    Currently both are hosted on the same webserver, if anyone has any good guide for beginners on this topic I would appreciate it.



  • Hello again,

    I found some time to review my configuration, also I tested icinga provided vagrant boxes to compare setups.

    In the end it was really simple mistake on my side, icingaweb2 was installed and "listening" on servers root instead of <host>/icingaweb2 so all my requests for /nagvis/show/map were to the nagvis instead of icingaweb2,
    that is why I was getting 404.

    Probably this is not going to help anyone, as it was my mistake, but still I wanted to share it with you so we can close this thread as solved.