Always restart Icinga2 if configuration change happens?

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  • Hi!

    I have a very short question and i couldn't find the answer in the documentation:

    Is it mandatory to always restart the whole icinga2 service, after i changed the configuration or is there a way to just "reload" all the configuration-files?


  • yes, exactly that: service icinga2 reload reloads the config files.
    If you make changes like icinga2 feature enable debuglog, the program tells you that you should restart the daemon.
    So, read these messages carefully.…search=reload#init-script

    However, that also restarts the icinga2 daemon:

    1. [root@master ~]# pidof icinga2
    2. 25722
    3. [root@master ~]# service icinga2 reload
    4. Validating config files: Done
    5. Reloading Icinga 2: Done
    6. [root@master ~]# pidof icinga2
    7. 6911

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