Missing Dependency libedit.so.0 on RHEL5

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  • Hey,

    Trying to install icinga2 on RHEL5, output below:

    Far as I can tell, that library is not available prior to RHEL6. Anyone else experience this? Any idea of a workaround? This is intended to be a client/satellite install, the server is installed successfully on RHEL7.

    And just to note, RHEL6 client installs OK.

    Any help appreciated, thanks!

  • hello,
    RHEL5 is no longer offically supported by the icinga2 team.

    At my RHEL5, it runs as a master.
    However, it will not work without the openssl packages of RHEL 5.11.

    regarding your problem, here is the information about my system, you will need the epel or rpmforge repos:

  • RHEL5 is supported for icinga2 (not icingaweb2), especially if you are running it on a client until the official EOL in 2017. Though only the latest and greatest point release. In addition to that the documentation clearly says - install the EPEL repository.

    Anyways - I'd recommend running Icinga 2 Master and Satellite nodes on a modern system such as RHEL7.

  • Correct, i remembered that wrong from that thread, which may worth reading for the TO.

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  • You've probably misunderstood that statement. It was about running on a 5.1 RHEL release whereas the current stable version is 5.11. Our build server only runs builds against the latest 5.11 release. Older versions are not supported since you would run e.g. into the mentioned OpenSSL issue.

    And sometimes older distribution releases link to faulty libraries/headers (OpenSSL to mention, or Boost) where the fix is simple - update to the latest point release which has been built and tested by the Icinga team. Everything else i.e. custom packages for older point releases isn't doable as an open source project.

  • Nope. I mixed up two threads, one telling debian 5 is not supported and the above one.
    My fault - everhow, above thread is on topic to this one.