Icinga Director Command with variable argument

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  • Hello,

    First, I really like Icinga Director, I've got some users that were hesitant to using it because it only had config files to work with. This enables them to use Icinga way more easily.

    I have a command that takes a couple arguments. Some of them are just '-H' for the $hostaddress$ which works without a problem. But I also need some arguments that take a variable input from the user. For example -p has the $port$ variable as value.

    If I create a command and want to get the -p argument to get a variable port. I'd think of using a Field. But when I create the field, the icinga director throws an exception, but I can still use the created field in my services (that use the check-http-geoserver command).

    If I change the value of my -p argument from $port$ to a hard coded value of for example 80, the error code goes away. But then my value isn't variable anymore. In other words, I want to get this (preview):

    But then the fields tab gives an error (Undefined offset: 4), while if I use this (preview):

    The field tab works, but the argument has a hard-coded value.

    How could I solve this?


  • Sorry for the late reply, I was on holiday.

    This is the error message that I recieve: