Mrtg + Pnp4Nagios

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  • Hi,

    I'm using MRTG, Nagios 4.08, Thruk, and PNP4Nagios on my Ubuntu server. Everything is working well. I don't have any troubles with the configuration of every services. I trying to get a full report working and I managed to integrate pnp4nagios graphs in my reports. But I've got a lot of firewall and router hosts monitored with MRTG. Is there a easy way to add MRTG graph into report ? I've found that I should convert them to pnp4nagios graph using templates. How does it works ?

    Thank's a lot for your help !


  • Hi again,

    I answer to myself.
    The script I was using was not sending a correct data. I had no "Performance Data" required for pnp4nagios. I changed the command definition and had a script to parse the result and get a correct "Performance Data" output.

    I post this parser for anyone who will need it. Thanks to NagiosGraph for the base of the script (…ls/check_mrtgtraf/details comment of December 4, 2014). I just modify it to adjust the answer to get what I was looking for and to work with my result of