How to set up snmp connection using Icinga Director

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    I'm just a beginner in monitoring.
    Perhaps one of you can help me with my problem.

    I successfully managed to install Icinga Web 2 and amazing Director module.

    Now im trying to make some checks using SNMP command provided by director module.
    When im running the command in consol everything works fine snmpwalk -v2c -c xxxx xxxxxxx

    After running same command using director i got NO OIDs specified... .
    I have tried to put some data in custom variables field but with no result. ( snmpwalk -v 2c -c xcxxx-h xxxxxx )

    I'm not sure where exactly should i put those data in Director like host name, community and so on to get a result.
    Also there is no examples or information's in Icinga 2 book. :|

    I will be very happe if you can provide me with some examples :)
    If you wont me to i gan give you more informations and some screenshots.

    Thank you
    Vielen Dank


  • Hi,

    I defined my check_snmp command using the director.

    You should define the arguments with $...$ and corresponding fields without the $, eg. $community$ as argument and community as field name. The field content can be entered when defining the service template.

    The result (preview) should look like this:

    The service template is defined using the director.

    First create a new service, choose the check_command (check_snmp), now the defined fields can be filled with values...

    The service template should look like this (preview):

    The apply rule is defined like this:

    But you can also apply the service template to a host or host template directly.

    Hope this helps...

  • Hi Again,

    after many tries i still dint make it =_=.
    Many thanks for you answerjprusch
    The Problem stays the same. NO OIDs specified...

    Now i will try to show all of you step by step how i set this up.
    Maybe one of you will find the error :)
    Step 1:
    I set up a Host with can snmp and try it out with snmpwalk on terminal.

    so far so good.
    Step 2: I create new Service with the name Test import test settings.

    But i get no result. Heave any of you idea what im doing wrong?


    • walk.PNG
  • I did manage to solve the problem. :-)

    I just reinstalled whole Icinga2 and updated Director.

    Thanks for help.