icinga web2 grafana with graphite to create similar dashboard than pnp4nagios

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  • Hi Everyone,

    What I have done already:
    - icinga2 is running
    - icingaweb2 is running
    - graphite is running
    - grafana is running
    - graphite collects performance data (I am not sure how long it stores them what he does with them... - like make any average etc. - I new to graphite too)
    - grafana can access to graphite databases I can manually configure grafana dashboard
    - graphite graphs are visible in icingaweb2

    and now what I do not know how to configure:

    I would like to achieve the same usability/view what I currently have with my nagios3 + pnp4nagios. So when I click to the action icon/link/button etc. next to a host/service which provides
    performance data I would like to see the performance data visualisation in the same form like pnp4nagios does (but using grafana nice looking dashboard):

    4 hours
    25 hours
    one week
    one month
    one year

    how can I configure this? A link or something also enough for me... as I said I am new with icinga2, graphite, grafana... so any help is appreciated.



  • Not really sure about the feature/problem. I get the Grafana graphs directly when clicking any host and/or service which collects performance data.

    And clicking the quick view graph opens up the more detailed graph with time range selection.

    You can add a link to a Grafana-Dashboard and /or Graphite-URL using the Navigation-Menu option in your Icinga Web 2 settings & define a host and/or service action. You can use placeholders when defining the URL.

    Did you enabl